Become Doll Ambassador!

Girl, I know you are here because you are already waist training and loving the results!!!! So of course, naturally you tell everybody about the product, your results and where to find us. Some even asked before you got a chance to say something, because they too, are loving your results.
So how can you turn those inches lost into dollars earned?!

By becoming our Brand Ambassador!!!!


Our Brand Ambassador program give you:
  • a 10% discount code for your followers/referrals
  • a unique link for your followers
  • 10-20% commission per sale*
  • discounted pricing for your own purchases**
  • shoutouts on our social medias
  • free entry to our events
The benefits are pretty good but the best part is that you are helping someone else reach their lifestyle goals.  All you are really doing is sharing your story, your wins, your struggles, your feelings, and your results. Your experience will help motivate others!
To sign up and become our Doll Ambassador, click this link:
** once you reach your first $500 in sales you automatically go up to 20% commission.
*10% off any merchandise, once per month.