Want a career that helps you make money and make people feel good?
Well, Doll, You came to the right spot!
Start an exciting career with Doll Revolution.  Our amazing line of Authentic Colombian Waist Trainers have been helping women feel good in many ways as in:
		Weight Loss
		Better Posture
		Lower Back Support
		Curvier Figure
		Curb Your Appetite

We are firm believers that if you Feel Good You Do Good.  When you feel good about yourself you gain more confidence. With more Confidence, well no one can stop you from accomplishing whatever you want.
Now you can do the same!!!!
With our introductory Calssic Boss Doll Starter Kit you can start a new career with Waist Training.
This package will not only include our wonderful merchandise but the tools you will need to have a successful career.  All of our reps will be trained by our own CEO!!! She will take the time to train every single Doll Rep on everything she knows that got her to create Doll Revolution.  You will know everything there is to know about our Waist Trainers and how to properly Waist Train, but you will also get hands on skills on Managing your Business and Marketing.
Our “Classic Boss Doll Starter Kit" includes:
		Doll Rep Training Course
		Certificate of Completion
		Measuring Tape
		8 Classic Style Waist Trainers in different sizes (sizes will vary)
		Your own Waist Trainer ( Our Dolls need to feel good too)
		Coupon Code for Website orders/tracking
		Earn up to 40% commission per sale*

Training Course
Once you purchase this package one of our representatives will be contacting you to schedule your training course with our company CEO.  Training styles will vary depending on location and dates. Training can be one on one with the possibility of in person or live via Video Chat (skype, FB messenger, or other apps). They may also be small group style sessions.  All details will be discussed once the representative contacts you. Please be sure to leave the best number to contact you.
During your conversation with the representative, you will also discuss what sizes to get.  She will ask you a series of questions to determine which size combination will best help your needs.
Coupon code for website
This code will help your clients order online through our website. We encourage our Dolls Reps to have merchandise on hand. Once a demand is created it is best to have the supply.  But for those cases you sell out quickly and merchandise is not available, you have the option to have them order online. Your coupon code will help track your sales. So you can get paid your commission.
Start a new exciting career or just earn some good extra cash on the side. Doll Revolution will help you get it. Sign up today and start helping women tomorrow.

The starter kit is an introductory price to start your career your wholesale orders will only reflect your inventory purchases no additional fees or charges. For more details feel free to email us at:

Classic Boss Doll Starter Kit

  • *$34 commission is our top level earning bracket. All Doll Reps will earn this level for the first 30 days and then will drop to the beginning level of $15 per sale.

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